Tools to ensure efficient work processes when it comes to HR

When it comes to ensuring the most efficient and economic processes, it is important to have simple tools which make the working day and tasks easier. There are a number of tools on the market, which are linked into large systems and programs. You won’t find these here!

On the other hand you will find tools that are easy to use (only the bare minimum of instruction is required) and which are inexpensive to purchase and run.

This can of course mean that there are some functionalities which are not available for the price – but you will find most of what you need to use in small, medium and large companies. We have screened the market for suppliers small tools and ensured that the individual elements work together.

We can refer you to suppliers and help you with the implementation of:

  • Online recruiting tools which work both externally and internally in your organisation
  • Online tools which keep track of your employee data – from basic information about development, competencies, succession planning and risk management
  • Online tools to create person profiles and performance tests
  • Online tools to easily manage and develop e-learning

In addition to the above, we also co-operate with external suppliers of a range of HR services. We have made sure that all the services we have collected are of the high quality and low price you would expect from our company. The services include:

  • Sales and sales training
  • Logistic and logistic training
  • HR law
  • Lean/six sigma

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