Here is a description of a typical process

The process in our company will typically look like this:

    1. You see our ad and apply or we contact you about a position
    2. You upload your CV
    3. If you have applied to a job posting you will normally upload an application
    4. We will assess your CV and application together with the client
    5. You might be asked to answer a few additional questions via our system
    6. You will either be called for an interview with us or get a polite refusal of your application
    7. The interview with us aims at matching expectations and qualifying your application (duration approx. 1 hour)
    8. You will then be invited for an initial interview with the client or receive a polite refusal of your application
    9. First interview with the client implemented. Content will typically be discussing general topics (duration about 1 hour)
    10. You will then be called for a second interview with the client or receive a polite refusal of your application
    11. You will then receive a link to a personal profile and performance tests that you must go answer before attending the second interview (lasting approx. 1 hour)
    12. Attend the second interview with the customer and the focus here is on a presentation of professional qualifications and feedback on personal profile and performance tests (lasting approx. 1 1/2 hours )
    13. You will then either be offered the job and employment contract negotiating begins or you will receive a polite refusal

This may seem like a long and arduous process – but the purpose is to ensure that you are the right match for the vacant job. It serves no purpose to hire an employee who will not be happy in the new job and you do not deserve to be offered a job where not all parameters are a match for the job the company is seeking to fill. Therefore, we are thorough in our process as this ensures quality.

Although the procedure seems long the typical length of the process is approximately 1-2 weeks. Our aim is to keep our recruiting process from start to finish within a maximum of 7-8 weeks.