Are you looking for an employee who is both experienced and flexible?

  • 5Do you need an extra pair of hands in your business ?
  • Do not have enough hours to hire a full time employee ?
  • Do you have a project you want addressed ?
  • Do you have a specific task you want addressed ?
  • Do you want us to find the right candidate and manage the employment ?
  • Have you considered renting an employee ?

Many excellent skills can be found with retirees or those who have a job where their working hours allows them the opportunity to supply the extra effort needed to solving a specific task or project.

We want to help the process along and can help you rent either a Senior or a bi – jobber. You have no administration of the employee, but you determine the number of hours and when. This just has to be agreed with the person you decide to rent. We administer pay, and you as a business owner receive an invoice once a month.

Look at our “current offers” and contact us if you would like to know more or did not find the skills you were looking for. We will do everything to help you find the right skills.