Consulting Hours

Individual counseling – 975 kr. per. hour

Long-term counseling – 875 kr. per. hour

Voucher with more hours available in different configurations. Contact us for more details.

Strategy and Personnel

The price of concept, training and pilot’s 28.000 kr.

The price includes the right concept, including training of the operator and up to 20 employees in the concept. In addition, office tools and pilot implementation in the company included.


The price of a recruitment depends on the new employee’s level in the organization and is usually a percentage of the annual salary.

If you want a fixed price of your recruitment, we are ready with a quote when you contact us.


The price of an outplacement program depends on the employee’s position in the company, and whether we are talking about kompetenceoutplacement or ordinary outplacement.

Contact us for any further clarification.

Board of Directors and Advisory Boards

The cost of establishing a new board of directors or an advisory board with three members is 30,000 kr. For companies up to 100 employees. The price for companies of over 100 employees is 50,000 kr.

The price includes clarify competence requirements, identification of candidates, presentation of the candidates for you and a start-up meeting in your new board of directors or advisory board.

Courses and Training

The cost depends on which course or training program, we are talking about. Do you have a need, please feel free to contact us and let us find a good process that ensures practical and theoretical learning and seating in your organization.

Development Network

Want to join our development network, is the cost of a course of a year 19,000 kr.

Price includes networking meetings, a personal and an individual meeting in your company. In addition, all of the material that is used during the process included.

Rent an Employee

The price is composed of the hourly rate for the employee and an administration fee, which is usually + 25 % of the hourly rate. Hourly wages vary by level of competence.

The price covers all costs to the employee, including social costs, and you are billed on a monthly basis.

Nothing is too small, too big or impossible

If you have a special challenge, a special need or just a matter of management, leadership development, staff or management systems – everything you do not know how to tackle – please contact us with no obligation for alternatives. We can certainly find a solution together.

Business terms and conditions

For deliveries apply our terms and conditions. You always receive an order confirmation we ask you to confirm before we start our deliveries. We do this to make sure there is no misunderstanding.

Read our terms and conditions: Salgs- og leveringsbetingelser for firmaet JP Kristensen.