4What can we offer?

We aim to cover the entire HR palette of processes with our services.

It is important for us that all our products live up to your expectations and requirements regarding quality. In addition to this, we also know that speed is also important for you and your company’s earnings. Therefore, we would like to be part of the dialogue regarding both quality and speed of delivery.

Below is a brief overview of some of the services we offer. You can find them described in detail by clicking on the tab “Products”. .


We offer practical recruitment with or without interim solution. We also provide an impartial assessment of your own candidate incl. person. 

Strategic and systematic skills

This concept includes the development of a strategy for the development of your staff and managers. It also includes tools to systematize employee, leadership and group development interviews and evaluation. In addition to concept and training all practical tools are included in an easily accessible form.

Training in practical tools

We can offer practical training sessions in the following subjects:

  • Sales training
  • Logistic and supply chain training
  • Lean training
  • HR related topics training such as how to employ the right candidate, why are the others so strange? manager and employee development, what are your options and building up a netwrok in your company.
  • Quality assurance system training
  • Cultural training when you employ people from other countries.

Operation of a professional network

We set up and run professional network consisting of primarily owner-managers. The network groups typically consist of 7-8 participants on a turbo process extended over 10-11 months. The networks are aimed at both beginners and advanced. The networks have two scenarios:

  • Hard core business focusing on business plan, economics, objectives and action plans as well as sales and logistics
  • Optimization of the business with the help of my managers and / or employees. Here the focus is on motivation, development and organising

Opstartsmøde advisory boardBoardroom

We offer professional board work which includes personal sparring and coaching of the business owner.

If you face having to establish or switch some members of the board of directors or your advisory board – we’ll help find the right skills and people for you. This concept also includes a good start to board or advisory board work.


If you are unsure whether you have enough work for a new employee or just want to escape from the administration of hiring an employee – then it might be an idea for you to rent-a-worker. 

The employee can either be a “normal” employee or it can be someone who solves tasks during his/her spare time, a bijobber or a retiree.

You avoid all the legal, salary and administrative tasks. Leave it to us and you will be invoiced once a month for the hours used. The solutions can also be with flexible working hours from week to week.


When hiring an employee from abroad – or when you come from abroad to Denmark, it can be difficult to navigate in the Danish “system”. We help both employers and employees with all the practical issues. Right from applying for work and residence permits, finding a place to stay, bringing your family to Denmark, where do we go shopping, open a bank account, get medical card and tax card, find schools for the children, what is Danish culture and a variety of other things. Things that Danes understand and take for granted, but which will take a foreigner so much time and effort that they risk losing focus on their new job or do not fit into the company.  


Should the unfortunate happen that you as an employer have to lay off any staff, we offer a tailormade individual outplacement program for your employee/s.

We also offer you, the employee being laid off an individual program focussing on the things that will have the greatest impact on you. You are welcome to contact us for an informal chat and great offers. 

HR toolbox

In co-operation with our partners we are able to offer you a comprehensive and affordable system solutions for the following:

  • Employee administration
  • Person profiles
  • Recruiting

Consultant and development

We are ready to help you with any consultancy or development issues.


Contact us for more information on +45 4117 7868 together – we will find the right solution for your business