Pass the buck to us and get the full process including recruitment and start-up


We specialize in recruiting skilled staff to boards and advisory boards. We offer the following process:

  1. Clarification of the need for skills in your board or advisory board
  2. Search and screening potential candidates
  3. Presentation of candidates to you in individual meetings
  4. Planning the start up of the board of directors or advisory board with you and your accountant
  5. Implementation of the start-up meeting including communication of facts and team building

It is normal for board or advisory board members to be paid 5.000, – Euro per. meeting. Meetings are usually held four times a year. Directors or advisory board members only sit on the board for 3 years, and then make way to new members with new skills. You can of course ask for assistance with this process.

Contact us on 4117 7868 for more information about your options. It’s cheaper than you think!

Opstartsmøde advisory board

Starting the new advisory board for a small company in West Jutland. References can be provided.