How do I create both personal and business growth?


Many owner-managers of businesses or managers of public institutions or departments are experiencing great challenges of running his business or department. Many of these challenges can she / he does not address the others in the company or department. Where do you go to get new inspiration and energy to improve or grow your business or department?

The answer to that question is not clear. We would like at an affordable price offer an alternative to large consultancy process – a process where the focus is on learning from each other, help each other and yet in such a controlled / structured way to achieve concrete results in the individual company or department.

To meet the target, it is our opinion that there must be an intimate network of 8-9 companies which are part of the network. There must also be a process that can be overviewed – why we place up to a 10 month course of regular meetings (outside normal working hours).

We offer a network for “beginners” which focuses on getting to grips with the mission, vision, strategies, goals and action plans. Get them practically designed and implemented in all companies. Additionally, we offer a superstructure where the focus is improvement in the company of either getting better attained or improved processes. Ensure that companies systematically working with improvements.



For such networks must operate is an ethical code we / I shall observe:

  1. There can be companies from the same industry in the same network
  2. There is 100 % confidentiality when one joins the network
  3. All contribute to the network
  4. Prepare the “psychological contract” with each other that you go home and try things out between meetings

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