Get the most effective and valued skills of your managers and employees



You can not make strategic development without a strategy for the company or department. Before you can define a strategy is an upstream process to be passed. We help you step by step to get through the process until there is a complete strategy and a business plan for your company or department. Some of the steps may include either all or part of the following topics:

    • Mission
    • Vision
    • Global Strategies
    • Values
    • Objectives and methods of measurement
    • Practical action Plans
    • Visualization of goals and strategies
    • Communications Plan
    • Business Plan


To a strategy will not only be a document on the shelf, but rather a living document which is actively used in everyday life are again a number of processes to be implemented. Again, we help you step by step to define, write and implement business processes. This may include the following elements or just some of them:

    • Communication of strategy, goals and action plans
    • Competence profile for employees or groups of employees
    • Meeting Structure and Content
    • Data collection and reporting
    • Implementation of employee development interviews
    • Implementation of leadership development talks
    • Implementation of group development conversations where it is appropriate and
    • Follow-up interviews and alignment with goals and action plans
    • Reporting and start of the next round

All carried out with two purposes – first, to create the foundation for improved earnings in the company and partly to retain employees through professional management and satisfied employees.