Are the right employees to be found within Denmark?


In connection with our recruitment process we agree with the customer, whether to make use of global recruitment. We then agree in which countries the right target group of candidates can be found.

Quality assurance on our international recruiting is carried out using locally performed screenings as well as being present in the specific country. In this way we ensure that only the relevant candidates meet you as a customer.

As a candidate from abroad looking for a job in Denmark our selection process ensures that you are not only qualified for the job but also the Danish culture.

Depending on the agreement with the company, which has the job, a relocation package may be offered. If the company doesn’t offer a relocation package then you can purchase one, which is relevant to the job. 


Interesting Countries

Based on the general level of education and a positive experience regarding integration we have chosen to focus on recruiting from the following countries:

    • Spain
    • India
    • Vietnam
    • Brazil and Mexico

It does not mean that we do not screen candidates from other countries. We do screen candidates form i.e.: France, England or Germany, but here we require the candidate to already have prior international experience.

Furthermore, we prioritize candidates who won’t be changing both country and level in the organisation. This means that preferred candidates for the post must have a longer experience in a similar job before she / he can be considered for the job.