How do you ensure that you can continue running your business while we recruit the right person?


Without interim coverage

If you choose this option, we are looking at recruitment / search / headhunting for the best candidate. Lead time on recruitment / headhunting is normally 6-8 weeks from the order is received and until the contract has been made with the candidate. This means that during this period we identify a number of relevant candidates, screen them, present them to you and ensure that they have the necessary professional and personal skills. Lead time may vary due to a number of factors which we/you are not able to influence. These factors may include notice from previous employer, practical issues regarding foreign candidates and the deisred start date in your company.


With interim coverage

We also offer a temporary solution to your problem until the new employee starts in your business. We call this an interim or temporary assignment. We typically spend 2-3 days to find the right candidate and organise practical isses. We use our network and databases to recruit / headhunt the right candidate. This type of solution gives you a number of practical advantages:

    • As the owner / manager you do not have to perform the recruiting function and this leaves you to focus on running your business
    • The company maintains its processes and therefore also it’s earning ability 
    • You get new input for your business that might be useful in the future
    • An opportunity to implement changes without any loss of accumulated goodwill

The solution can be made either as a direct employment in your business or service billed from here. This means that there is no social cost for you.

The process you can expect for an interim recruitment / headhunting is as follows:

Identification of the job requirements and description of the company and department

  • Professional Qualifications
  • Personal Qualifications
  • Description of the Company
  • Description of the department and job
  • Compensation packages and employment conditions

Headhunting and candidate identification

  • Databases and networks is reviewed
  • Candidates contacted and pre – screened by phone
  • Candidates meet our company to screening
  • Candidates presented to you in written form
  • Jointly agree on which candidates we interview

Interview and qualification

  • Interview of candidates
  • Profile and performance test of selected candidates
  • Referencetaking

Contract and employment

  • Contract Agreement with the preferred candidate
  • Recruitment in either your or our company (by appointment)
  • Preparation and implementation of lightning -introduction of the company


A close follow-up with both you as a business owner and the candidate during and after the interim / temporary employment is very important to ensure a successful start-up and delivery phase.

We look forward to carrying out this task for you.