Your options to have full or partialassistance when recruiting foreign workers to live and work in Denmark


sample-bio-4When you employ a foreigner in Denmark, there are a number of practical issues that must be cleared.

These practicalities could include obtaining work and residency permits, social security number, tax, housing, deposits, leasing / purchase of a car, bringing the family to Denmark, enrolment in schools for the children – the list is long and only your imagination sets the limitations here. It is a demanding task for you and your company if you have not done this before. We are experts – and we can help with the entire task or selected parts of it. Here is a quick overview of the different parts which must or can be dealt with in connection with relocation:

  • Information about Denmark, accommodation options, tax issues and opportunities for the family
  • Work and residency permits
  • Tax
  • Nemkonto and e- box
  • Bank incl. online banking and the first months in Denmark
  • Cars in Denmark
  • Exchanging drivers licenses
  • Finding suitable accommodation
  • Rent
  • Indflytnings vision
  • The furnishings of the apartment
  • Practical information regarding power, phone and Internet
  • School / institutions for children
  • Opportunities to learn Danish
  • Danish culture
  • Danish company culture
  • Wife Network
  • Choice of doctor and dentist
  • List of relevant phone numbers

The tasks are many and it takes time to familiarize yourselves with the various rules and regulations – in short, it’s cheaper to leave it to us professionals in this area. Your success in recruitment is increased if there are no practical issues to contend with.

Give us a call on +45 4117 7868 and get a good deal or just learn more.