Jesper Holm-PedersenEINFACH responsible corporate financial management from finance manager for controlling and accounting. We give our customers the freedom to focus on their business as they have always track of the numbers and this is a solid basis for decision making. I typically use my network and personally dealt with the process when I had to hire employees. On my last appointment of a controller, Jens Peter Kristensen helped with the selection and testing of candidates. He has also been involved in the talks. The process has been very satisfactory, and I have come much better around the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses, so I feel much more confident that I can get the right guy. In addition to finding the right person, Jens Peter Kristensen’s help in the process helped to provide peace and perspective along the way so I can give my warmest recommendations even if you are a manager in a small organization.


KurtKaalund1I have had the pleasure of attending a recruitment and start-up process for new Advisory Board. I saw a professional and quick recruitment process as well as a start-up process with high quality. I recommend everyone to take advantage of the service.

I have also previously worked with Jens Peter Kristensen around among other recruitment handled in the same competent and professional manner.


Kenneth SmedI have had the great advantage of using different parts of the skills that Mr. Jens Peter Kristensen holds.

This could be associated with low profiles on senior employees, new hires and not least the general professional coaching in leadership.

Most recently, Mr. Kristensen put a lot of work to find suitable items and, together with the undersigned hold talks aimed at a professional board. It ended with a highly competent composition.

Mr. Jens Peter Kristensen comes with the best recommendations from myself.

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Tina Nybo JensenI met Jens Peter Kristensen, when he worked as Specialist Global Recruitment & amp; Employer Branding at Cheminova.

As a newly qualified candidate is fantastic for me to have the opportunity to spar with John Henry. He is analytical in its approach – and that combined with his experience means that he is incredibly sharp in order to understand the opportunities and challenges of a professional profile with the available labor in general and individual companies specifically.

Jens Peter is direct and honest in a pleasant way, and his advice and instructions are specific and constructive. I will be returning time and again to Jens Peter, when I need guidance, and he is always ready to help, which I appreciate very much.